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For more than 10 years we have been engaged in amazing buisness of creating an incredibly beautiful items by using meteorites. During that time we have arranged many expeditions in the most amazing parts of our planet to find and to show the beauty  wich arrives directly from space. In our online store you can buy meteorites and jewelry handmade from meteorites for yourself or as a gift to the beloved and friends.

Products from meteorites combines beauty, exclusivity and energy of the space wich are contained in every        part of the space guests. You can be sure that each of the pursuaded product is unique. And in our opinion it's the best way to surprise your beloved and friends and to express your own uniqueness.

The most common questions we receive concern the authenticity of meteorites, their safety, and energy.

All the meteorites being used in the manufacturing of jewelry are gathering independently and are the result of complex expeditions or sharing with museums and other geological teams. All the material that is being received are examined in geological
institutes and gets a certificate confirming the authentity of each product. For each order You will receive an officially certified certificate confirming the composition of the product. We are value our reputation in the world market and give  100%  guarantee of quality.

We are often asked whether meteorites are dangerous or notwhether they contain some radiation or hazardous elements or not.
Meteorites have similar composition to the earth structures and are absolutely safe.Due to scientists researches there had been found out that there are no radioactive elements at all. Most of the meteorites that we use for manufacturing our products are Nickel-iron composition. Due to the content of the Nickel, our products not affected by corrosion and do not lose their appearance over time.

People with particular sensitivity who are more deeply interested in the essence of the things were always interested in meteorites. Energy enclosed in the messengers of the sky helps to structure the internal energy and to enhance the positive qualities of a person. That is why meteorites were used in manufacturing of amulets since the ancient times: beads, metal discs, knives, daggers, wands.

We are always ready to answer your questions regarding expeditions, meteorites and products made from them.
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