Pendant Yin Yang (small)


169 USD

Pendant Yin Yang


Pendant Yin Yang: two halves of the Gibeon meteorite covered with silver and red gold, the top is a quartz surface and the silver ring holds all composition.
Yin Yang is an ancient sacred symbol of the duality of our world. In combination with the use of a meteorite it becomes energetically strong decoration.

Size: 20 mm
Product weight: 6,21 gr
The weight of the meteorite: 3 gr

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Meteorite Gibeon - iron meteorite. Discovered in 1836, fell to the Ground about 500 000 years ago on the territory of Namibia. Age about 4.6 billion. years. Chemical composition: 91.8 % of iron, 7.7 % of Nickel, 0.5 % cobalt, 0.04 % phosphorus, and traces of gallium, germanium, iridium



Metal: silver 925

Meteorite: meteorite Gibeon

169 USD
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