Pendant OHM


249 USD

Pendant OHM

Clean and minimal design, a modern unisex pendant made of  meteorite and silver 925.

It’s a unique piece to represent your personality and also a great gift for a special man or woman.

The pendant is made of meteorite Seymchan with  a silver hieroglyph ОМ (?)
Size: 21 mm.
Product weight: 8,5 gr.
Diameter: 2.5 mm

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The first discovery of a meteorite Seimchan was made in 1967 in the Magadan region near the mine Seymchan.  According to experts, Seimchan fell to Earth from two to one hundred thousand years ago.

Seymchan (Seymchan) - iron-stony meteorite, type IIE or Pallasite. The composition of the meteorite: iron (Fe) of about 94%; nickel (NI) of about 6%.


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Metal: silver 925

Meteorite: meteorite Seymchan

249 USD
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